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EA Navigator 2.1 released

9 January 2012 No Comment

With the current release 2.1 the EA Navigator has now matured into a real product that will make the life of any Enterprise Architect user a lot easier.  After the complete re-factoring  of version 2.0 version 2.1 has been more about polishing and refining.
The EA Navigator is a free and open-source (BSD License) add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect that makes the life of any Enterprise Architect user a lot easier. It allows for quick navigation between different elements in a model, especially between those elements that are not easily found using the standard EA features. Using the dockable add-in window it retains a history of the 50 last selected model elements and shows the important related elements at a glance.

The EA Navigator is (currently the only) part of the Enterprise Architect Toolpack

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