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[6 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Creating a Dialog Model from UML State Diagrams | ]

Many model-based approaches for user interface design start from a task model, for which the ConcurTaskTrees notation is frequently used. Despite this popularity and the importance that has been given to a close relation with UML, no relation has been established with UML state machines, which have been shown to be useful for the description of the behavior of user interfaces.

[30 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Component-Oriented Software Development with UML | ]

This article proposes to automate the process of structural and behavior analysis of component-oriented software fully specified in UML. The structural specification uses component, class and deployment diagrams, and the behavior specification, state machine diagram. The produced structural analysis tool analyzes a connection between pairs of components at a time. The produced behavioral analysis tool considers the behavior of the system as a whole, leading to behavioral specification of the application automatically from the machine state of each connected component. It is performed the convertion of the state machines of …

[15 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on State and Activity Diagrams | ]

This short video introduces the UML state and activity diagrams. State diagrams are used to give an abstract description of the behavior of a system. This behavior is analyzed and represented in series of events, that could occur in one or more possible states.