Videos and tutorials on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), Software Architecture and Data Modeling

Transactions in Microservices Architecture

Transactions are an easy technique for software developers to achieve data consistency. Changes are all committed or rollback, so your data is always aligned and other sessions see no incomplete information. But in distributed microservices environments, this cannot be achieved because data can be spread over several data sources and types of data sources, or …

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Common Mistakes When Moving to Microservices

Here are some of the common mistakes when moving to microservices that are discussed in this presentation, with provided solutions for:* No realistic architecture process (architecture decisions too rigid, or not taken; infra vs domain; architecture guild vs no cooperation, knowledge sharing ); * QA thinks testing end-to-end is possible; Management wants to control deployment; …

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Why Architectural Work Comes Before Coding

How much architectural work needs to be done before you actually start coding? Should you know what software architecture is and how to use it even if you don’t have the “software architect” title? And finally, how can you use diagrams to shape your software architecture?

Serverless Azure In The Enterprise

Serverless is not just for start-ups. Australia’s largest finance and government agencies are using these software architecture patterns in production to push the boundaries of scalability and resiliency. This presentation presents modern Windows Azure cloud architectures for shipping apps and API’s based on work that has been done with organizations around Australia. Video producer: