Plant-text UML Editor Released in Beta

A text-based UML diagramming tool called was just released in beta. PlantText uses a language developed by the PlantUML open-source project to generate diagrams from simple text.

While most UML diagramming tools have complex GUIs that offer a lot of control over colors, positioning, and aesthetics, PlantText takes a different approach. “I’ve used dozens of graphics programs over the years,” PlantText founder Arwen Vaughan said. “They are fine tools, but what I really need is function over form. Just show me the logic.”

PlantText removes the aesthetics distraction, allowing the user to focus on content and meaning. “Inevitably, the compulsive dragging and dropping, resizing, coloring, rearranging, etc. of graphical tools makes them cumbersome to use,” Arwen said.

PlantText offers several examples of Class, Use Case, Activity, Sequence, and State diagrams. Users can customize these templates and then export the files or copy and paste the diagrams into documents. “We’ve found an audience among users in New York, San Francisco, London, Rome, and Moscow. The response has been overwhelming.”

PlantText is free to use as an online application, and a full version will be launched this Summer. For more information on PlantText, please visit