PragmaDev Process V1.2 Identifies Deadlocks in Business Processes

PragmaDev Process aims at verifying business process models described with BPMN (Business Process Model Notation). The new built-in property associated to its powerful exploration engine can automatically identify deadlocks in business processes.

Complex organizations or system operations are based on processes described in graphical models. The most popular notation is BPMN (Business Process Model Notation). It describes what the different participants in the organisation do and how they interact with each other. These processes must be thoroughly discussed before they are applied in a real situation. Any misunderstanding of the process might lead to a catastrophic situation in operation. PragmaDev Process includes an editor, an executor, and an explorer. It is the outcome of a 2 years research project financed by the French Army with use cases from Eurocontrol and Airbus Defence & Space. The editor is free of charge without any restrictions and the executor offers free execution of small models.

“A deadlock is a situation to be avoided at any cost. This new feature will be of great help for our users to make their processes even more solid. This feature makes our toolset even more unique on the market.” says Emmanuel Gaudin, PragmaDev Founder & CEO.

Among the main features are:

* Collaborative editing
The editor introduces a locking mechanism so that several users can work on the same models. The first user locks the file to edit it, the next users can still read the file but are not allowed to modify it.
* Boundary events
A boundary event is a very valuable construct in business process models. It is a way to model the interruption of the current process at any moment. The editor and the executor now support boundary events. Boundary event symbols for message, timer and signal catches can now be created in the editor and the concepts are supported during execution of the model.
* Signal traces
BPMN signals can now be edited or traced in MSCs. In the editor, three new tools have been introduced: one to create the start of a signal throw, one to create the end of a signal throw and one to create a signal catch. Selection a signal catch symbol will automatically find the instances throwing the signal in the correct range and display their names in the panel on the right side.
* OBP graphical interface
PragmaDev Process exploration is guided by OBP (Observer Based Prover), a tool developed by ENSTA Bretagne research lab. In the previous versions the tool was hidden and running in the background. Advanced users can now launch the graphical user interface to manually drive the exploration of the model.
* Deadlock analysis
A deadlock is a situation where there are no further actions to be performed even though the process is not finished. The built-in deadlock property will automatically identify possible deadlocks in a model.