Structure101 Allows Retrofitting of Software Architecture

Structure101 Studio, combining the award-winning Structure101 and Restructure101 products, is now generally available. Structure101 Studio makes it feasible to discover, define, communicate, and enforce an architecture for an existing codebase, without major upfront surgery. Structure101 achieves this by letting the software architect construct an external model of the architecture while simultaneously mapping the model right into the code.

Structure101 Studio then inserts the newly-defined architecture into the development workflow, supporting the deliberate evolution of the model with each iteration, always keeping code and model synchronised. The separation of model from the code means that teams gain the benefit of architecture-driven development immediately, while feeding model-code alignment tasks into the workflow at a pace that fits with project schedules.

About Structure101

Structure101 provides an agile architecture development environment (ADE) that lets the software development team organize a codebase into a modular hierarchy with low and controlled coupling. Structure101 supports C/C++, Java, .Net, ActionScript, InterSystems Cache Objects, Pascal, PHP, Python, SQL and UML.

Structure101 won the 2008 & 2011 Dr Dobb’s Jolt Productivity Award in the Architecture & Design category, and the 2012 JAX most innovative Java technology award.

Structure101 is a small, privately-held, distributed, bootstrapped and profitable company with staff located over 5 countries and 3 continents.