Automatic Generation of the UML Class Diagrams

Object-oriented system modeling enables the sharing of responsibilities between system objects at a high level of system abstraction. The UML class diagram is the central part of the object-oriented system model and serves as a “bridge” between the information about the problem domain at the customer’s side and the software components at the developer’s side.

However, UML is not a methodology for how to model the system, but just a notation for “drawing” of model elements. This article demonstrates the functionality of BrainTool, a tool that enables the generation of the UML class diagram from the so called two-hemisphere model, where the problem domain is presented as a concatenation of the problem domain processes, incoming and outgoing information flows and their types.

BrainTool gives a possibility to automatically generate the UML class diagram and to export it to any UML compliant modeling environment supporting the XMI format for model interchange. Due to the fact that modern modeling tools use their own variations for model interchange, the authors this time have chosen SPARX Enterprise Architect for integration with BrainTool in XMI import domain and have tuned the output of BrainTool suitable to import it into SPARX Enterprise Architect. The wide use of the unified standard for model interchange in modeling tools will increase the number of tools that can be integrated with BrainTool.

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