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Book Review: Implementing Domain-Driven Design by Vaughn Vernon

Implementing Domain-Driven Design

Expanding on Eric Evans’ original book, Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Vaughn Vernon presents in his book “Implementing Domain-Driven Design” common sense DDD procedures through models from recognizable areas. Each principle is backed up by realistic Java examples-all applicable to C# developers and all content is supported by a single case study: the delivery of a large-scale …

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Serverless Azure In The Enterprise

Serverless is not just for start-ups. Australia’s largest finance and government agencies are using these software architecture patterns in production to push the boundaries of scalability and resiliency. This presentation presents modern Windows Azure cloud architectures for shipping apps and API’s based on work that has been done with organizations around Australia. Video producer:

Monoliths Between Microservices

Ruby on Rails applications tend to turn into giant monoliths software architecture. Keeping the codebase maintainable usually requires architectural changes. Microservices? A distributed monolith is still a monolith. What about breaking the code into pieces and rebuild a monolithic puzzle out of them?

Why Are Distributed Systems so Hard?

Distributed software systems and software architectures are known for being notoriously difficult to wrangle. But why? This talk covers a brief history of distributed computing, clear up some common myths about the CAP theorem, dig into why network partitions are inevitable.