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UML Design Patterns for Visual Studio

UML Design Patterns for Visual Studio is a project to provide Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2011 UML toolbox items representing the Gang of Four design patterns. The patterns are split into Creational, Structural and Behavioural sections and includes a supporting UML profile.

Agile UML Modeling

Agile development often considers UML modeling a redundant tool/practice that needs to be abandonned. However, modeling can be an essential tool in big agile projects to improve communication and preserve high-level knowledge such as domain concepts, user roles and use cases, system composition/integration architecture, etc. Modeling is still immature and novice modelers might create models …

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Software Architecture Resource

The Model Factory

The Model Factory wiki proposes a collection of models, patterns and articles, all presented from the viewpoint of a modeler. Its target audience is anyone who uses modeling to analyze a system.