Software Architecture Article

Designing Business Processes and Services with Models

This article by Tanya Wolff provides an overview of using models for designing business processes and services, the roles and tools involved and workflows that software architects can use for this activity. It highlights advantages of assembling the participants and services in a business process or service and provides examples to demonstrate the effects that

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Software Architecture Article

Business Services Modeling

Business application development often starts with business process modeling to discover and document the key business requirements necessary to meet business objectives. Tasks in these processes can be implemented using a variety of techniques. However, there are many cases where simple functional decomposition leading to workflow based applications are not enough. In these cases other

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Software Architecture Article

General-purpose Textual Modeling Languages

Graphical general-purpose modeling languages like UML dominate the modeling activity, because textual modeling languages are not as popular though they have a big potential. This article defines the important features of textual modeling languages and then compares existing general-purpose textual modeling languages according to these criteria to show if they meet their potential. Based on

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