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Modelling in Agile

Modelling is rarely at the forefront of discussions when looking at Agile and the Agile way of working with software architecture and software design. This is surprising because models proposed by the Unified Modelling Language (UML) have so many benefits with respect to communication and understanding.

Software Architecture Article

Use Cases-Based Requirements Engineering Tool

The use cases model is used to capture requirements. The use case model is a part of UML (Unified Modeling Language), a standardized design notation for the design and development of object-oriented software. Its simplicity in terms of notations and expressiveness makes it easier to use both by customers and developers.

Comprehensive Use Cases Analysis

Eliciting requirements and sharing the vision about the end-product are vital tasks in Business Analysis that facilitates developing quality applications. Use Case analysis is one of the most powerful elicitation techniques prevalently used by Business Analysts.