Comprehensive Use Cases Analysis

Eliciting requirements and sharing the vision about the end-product are vital tasks in Business Analysis that facilitates developing quality applications. Use Case analysis is one of the most powerful elicitation techniques prevalently used by Business Analysts.

This video demonstrates how to leverage the power of Use Case modeling and Structured Scenarios capabilities in Enterprise Architect to establish traceability between the formal requirements, business rules, logical data elements, user interface prototypes and test cases, using the “Structured Scenario” capability in Enterprise Architect.

Some of the key topics to be discussed are
* Introduction to Use Cases
* Use Cases in Enterprise Architect.
* Importing Use Cases from Excel and Word.
* Capturing the Pre-Conditions and Post-Conditions related to the Use Case.
* Capturing Rules pertaining to the Use Cases.
* Using Structured Scenarios to capture the basic path, alternate paths and exception paths.
* Linking scenarios to the formal requirements, User Interface prototypes, logical elements, business glossary and much more.
* Automatic diagram generation from structured scenarios for instant feedback.
* Deriving test-cases from Use Case scenarios to maximise test coverage and better application design.
* Building the Impact Analysis diagram.
* Project estimation using Use Case Points method