UML Activity Diagram Review

The UML activity diagram is graphical presentation that describes the operational process and related causes used in each stage of the system. To detect the misconception and incorrect notation, this paper presents an automation approach to reviewing UML activity diagrams based on a domain specific language, called Action Description Language (ADL).

In mature software development processes, it is suggested to detect and remove defects at the phase they were injected in order to reduce the cost of rework and promote the quality of product. This paper thus presents an automation approach to reviewing the UML activity diagrams. The method deploys a domain specific language called Action Description Language (ADL). In this work, we have enhanced ADL for reviewing the existing activity diagrams whether they conform to UML specification v.2.4.1. Conversely, this research generates ADL scripts from existing activity diagrams. However, the final output obtained from the proposed approach is the ADL semantic model, which is useful for further applications, namely the automated generation of test cases, design blueprints, and source code. Moreover, the ADL scripts obtained from this work can be used for later modification and generation of UML activity diagrams. Future research work could be the enhancement of mapping rules to the framework capable to support the standardization of various XMI formats.

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