Articles on Unified Modeling Language (UML), Software Architecture and Data Modeling

Software Architecture Article

Use Cases-Based Requirements Engineering Tool

The use cases model is used to capture requirements. The use case model is a part of UML (Unified Modeling Language), a standardized design notation for the design and development of object-oriented software. Its simplicity in terms of notations and expressiveness makes it easier to use both by customers and developers.

Software Architecture Article

Model Data Warehousing Flows with UML Profiles

Data warehousing commonly implies complex data flows, either because of the large number of steps data transformations may consist of, or of the different types of data they carry. These issues rise interesting challenges concerning design-oriented modeling of data warehousing flows with UML.

Software Architecture Article

UML Activity Diagram Review

The UML activity diagram is graphical presentation that describes the operational process and related causes used in each stage of the system. To detect the misconception and incorrect notation, this paper presents an automation approach to reviewing UML activity diagrams based on a domain specific language, called Action Description Language (ADL).