A Contrarian View of Software Architecture

The presenter has spent an inordinate amount of time the past half decade across multiple companies working with very large, long-running enterprise software systems. Especially in long-running, constantly changing systems, you want the code and the software architecture to be easy to understand, relatively painless to extend or modify, and when advantageous, be simple to …

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Refactoring the Role of Software Architects

This presentation takes you through a journey to explore some software architecture principles, forged through practice from real-world projects. You will learn strategies for mentoring development teams, scaling processes, and maximizing efficiency. With the right structures in place, software architects can guide teams into the “pit of success,” as Scott Guthrie likes to put it. …

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Best Practices to Design & Build Event-Driven Applications

Event-driven architectures can help reduce coupling and increase agility for developers building distributed applications. But success here requires a new mindset to help you implement documentation, tracing, and effective scaling. In this session, you will learn the best practices to adopting and promoting this new mindset in a development team. Video producer: https://gotoldn.com/