Just Enough Software Architecture

“Just Enough Software Architecture” is book that provides guidelines and models on how to include just enough software architecture in your software development activities, following an Agile approach and using risk as the main criteria on how much architecture to include in your current software development activity.

The book uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation. UML is considered as a ubiquitous language and the addition of architectural notation that have been included in UML 2.0 make it visually closer to special purpose system and software architecture languages.

Reference:  “Just Enough Software Architecture – A Risk-Driven Approach”, George Fairbanks, Marshall & Brainerd, 360 pages, ISBN 978-0-9846181-0-1


“This book’s pragmatic advice is to use UML for architecture models unless there are strong arguments against it. Unlike other ADLs, UML has modern tool support from many vendors and the biggest base of developers who know how to read it. It is not without problems, but it works well enough and there is plenty of advice on how to use it effectively. While there is likely an ADL out there that better suits your needs, it will have tool support from a single vendor at most, and few developers will know how to read your models. UML has the additional benefit that it works for domain, design, and code models, so you will not have to switch languages.”