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Software Architecture Resource

UML Unified Modeling Language Tools Directory

The UML Unified Modeling Language Tools Directory presents a list of Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools that can be used to model Activity diagram, Class diagram, Communication diagram, Component diagram, Composite structure diagram, Deployment diagram, Interaction overview diagram, Object diagram, Package diagram, Sequence diagram, State diagram, Timing diagram, UML state machine and Use case diagram. …

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Software Architecture Resource

The Model Factory

The Model Factory wiki proposes a collection of models, patterns and articles, all presented from the viewpoint of a modeler. Its target audience is anyone who uses modeling to analyze a system.

Software Architecture Resource

WebML – Web Modeling Language

WebML provides graphical, yet formal, specifications, embodied in a complete design process, to express the structure of a Web application with a high-level description, which can be used for querying, evolution, and maintenance.

Software Architecture Resource

UML Resource Page

The UML® Resource Page of the Object Management Group is the main resource page for all information regarding the Unified Modeling Language (UML).