Lucidchart Releases UML Sequence Diagram Markup Tool

Lucid Software, the company behind the bestselling online diagramming app Lucidchart, has announced the release of the UML Sequence Markup tool as a feature now available in Lucidchart.

“The tool is simple, intuitive and perfect for generating sequence diagrams that adhere to industry standards,” said Ben Dilts, cofounder and chief technology officer at Lucid Software. “If you’re creating a UML diagram , we want to make it as easy as possible to get the job done. We’re excited to provide our users with another timesaving Lucidchart feature.”

The new tool enables quick and easy diagram creation. Instead of constructing a diagram from scratch, users can now generate complicated UML sequence diagrams by simply typing the markup directly into Lucidchart.

Notable features:
* The UML Sequence Markup editor instantly creates diagrams from text alone.
* UML sequence diagrams made in Lucidchart are living documents; markup can be edited or added to anytime without the need to start over or change formatting.
* Users can easily customize their UML sequence diagrams with the extensive formatting capabilities of Lucidchart.
* UML shapes can be dragged right from the shape library onto the diagram. UML shapes, lines and text can be placed exactly where they’re needed with just a few clicks.
* The collaborative UML tool enables teams to work together in realtime, without downloads or software updates. UML diagrams can be easily published as web pages, images or PDFs.

Cloudbased Lucidchart is fully integrated with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Atlassian
Confluence, JIRA and HipChat, Jive, Slack and other workforce productivity tools.