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Introduction to UML Use Cases

In the Unified Modeling Language (UML), use cases describe the system from the user model view, also known asscenario view. Use case diagrams model the functionality of a system. The main components of a use case are the Title (goal), Primary Actor, Scope, Level, Story.

Software Architecture Article

Loosely Coupled Use Cases Models

This article from Willem Van Galen outlines a standard approach for representing basic event-driven architecture (EDA) aspects in system use case models. He explains that there are two ways where use cases can be coupled: command-and-control and publish-and-subscribe. The article introduces the concept of Event Manager and describes the Event Manager use cases. His conclusion …

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Software Architecture Article

Reuse of Use Cases Diagrams

This article presents a tool for the reuse of use case diagrams by storing their information in OWL ontology and the use of Semantic Web technologies. Software reuse is defined as the use on a new project of any artifact created before. This practice has significant benefits in reducing costs and increasing quality and productivity …

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