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Capture use case documents with DITA

Explore how to combine requirement gathering with documentation that development managers, developers, testers, and technical writers can re-purpose throughout the development cycle. The flexible extension mechanism in Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is becoming an industry standard for this kind of undertaking. In this article, you create a specialized schema for use case documentation.

Software Architecture Article

Exploiting Use Cases to Improve Test Quality

This article show how testing and quality assurance organizations can improve test quality by employing use cases techniques. Use cases and the supporting artifacts are invaluable drivers for identifying and creating Unit, Function, System Integration and User Acceptance tests. Each of these test levels has unique objectives and requires different sets of inputs to achieve …

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Software Architecture Article

Methodology for Developing Use Cases for Large Systems

This article presents a methodology for writing use cases in large projects. The paper begins with an overview of the naïve use case modeling process, followed by the challenges posed by large projects. This is followed by an overview of the suggested methodology, which is then detailed step by step.