No Spaghetti with Software Architecture Foundations

We all love pasta and spaghetti, right? Unless you are a software architect: these people who design and envision software systems from the ground up have developed an aversion to spaghetti throughout the years. When supporting the cutthroat business models of our era, it is fundamental to develop ways to evolve your software architecture, to properly match business concepts and processes, otherwise you will get yourself in a noodle – a spaghetti architecture. By basing your software architecture on strongly-defined tenets and well-established foundations you can support rapid growth and massive scalability. This helps you avoid deployment nightmares, higher code maintenance costs and an inability to keep up with the business. Come and hear about a systematic approach that offers continuous delivery for different teams or lines of business, and lets you strike a balance based on the benefits of microservices versus monolithic architecture.

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