The Heart of Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is one of the best thing to happen to software development in decades. It has within it the key to our hardest software architecture problems: how to slice up our software, how to write maintainable software, how to name things … and most importantly of all, how to meet the needs of our users. But there’s a problem.

Despite all this, you can see DDD going wrong everywhere. Having used DDD for over ten years Andrew Harmel-Law thinks he knows why, and that is what he wants to share with you. This talk presents the three core elements called the ‘Heart of DDD’ and which if you stay true to them will guarantee you will succeed. This talk has three sections. The first explains the ‘heart’ as Eric Evans described it. The second goes back to each and discuss them, and how they interact. The third looks at how they can drive a solid and intuitive microservices architecture that will be a pleasure to work with.

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