[4 Nov 2014 | Comments Off on MetaEdit+ 5.1 Improves Graphical Domain-Specific Modeling | ]

MetaCase released a new, feature-rich version of its Domain-Specific Modeling and code generation tool, MetaEdit+®. MetaEdit+ 5.1 is aimed at expert developers who want to empower their team to generate efficient, complete code directly from domain-specific models.

[17 Jun 2014 | Comments Off on PTC Acquires Atego | ]

Three years after having acquired MKS, PTC complete its ALM offer for software development with the acquisition of Atego, the British developer of model-based systems and software engineering applications for approximately $50 million in cash.

[1 May 2014 | Comments Off on Sparx Systems Released Enterprise Architect 11 | ]

Sparx Systems has released the newest version of its flagship Enterprise Architect software, a versatile visual-modeling tool used worldwide by software developers, enterprise architects, business analysts and others involved in planning, designing and developing large corporate systems.

[1 May 2014 | Comments Off on Use Cases-Based Requirements Engineering Tool | ]

The use cases model is used to capture requirements. The use case model is a part of UML (Unified Modeling Language), a standardized design notation for the design and development of object-oriented software. Its simplicity in terms of notations and expressiveness makes it easier to use both by customers and developers.

[17 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Embarcadero Buys CA ERwin Data Modeling Tool | ]

Embarcadero Technologies announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CA Technologies industry-leading CA ERwin┬« Data Modeling solution. The acquisition will give Embarcadero a broader route to market through additional channel partners and a set of employees who stand to thrive in an organization that is closely aligned with CA ERwin’s core strengths.

[6 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Structure101 Allows Retrofitting of Software Architecture | ]

Structure101 Studio, combining the award-winning Structure101 and Restructure101 products, is now generally available. Structure101 Studio makes it feasible to discover, define, communicate, and enforce an architecture for an existing codebase, without major upfront surgery. Structure101 achieves this by letting the software architect construct an external model of the architecture while simultaneously mapping the model right into the code.

[25 Feb 2014 | Comments Off on Plant-text UML Editor Released in Beta | ]

A text-based UML diagramming tool called PlantText.com was just released in beta. PlantText uses a language developed by the PlantUML open-source project to generate diagrams from simple text.

[21 Feb 2014 | Comments Off on Model Data Warehousing Flows with UML Profiles | ]

Data warehousing commonly implies complex data flows, either because of the large number of steps data transformations may consist of, or of the different types of data they carry. These issues rise interesting challenges concerning design-oriented modeling of data warehousing flows with UML.

[6 Feb 2014 | Comments Off on Visualize your Software Architecture and Information | ]

Do you want to communicate more effectively? Do you want create better maintainable software? If so, come and listen to this presentation to get some hands on tips on techniques and tools to vizualize your software architecture.

[9 Jan 2014 | Comments Off on Datanamic DeZign for Databases Modeling Version 8 Released | ]

Datanamic has announced the release of DeZign for Databases version 8, its data modeling tool. This new version offers many new features including teamwork support, dynamic highlighting of related objects, extended auto layout routines and much more.