MetaEdit+ 5.5 Domain-Specific Modeling Tool Released

MetaCase has launched MetaEdit+ 5.5 to make access and governance of collaboratively created software development models easier. The new MetaEdit+ release extends supports for collaborative development with model access rights per user and project. This supports development projects where common models can be updated only by the core team, yet other teams can use them in their design models. The update provides enhanced support for model access, search and filtering. Modeling editors get new usability features and improved performance for large models and diagrams.

MetaCase MetaEdit+ is aimed at expert developers looking to gain productivity and quality by generating efficient, complete code directly from domain-specific models. First, experts define the modeling languages and generators in a few days, then others can create models and automatically get expert-specified code. The models become the source: structured, accessible and up-to-date — no longer just a ‘dark data’ preliminary sketch or unmaintained afterthought.

The new release provides enhanced support for model versioning with modern version control environments, whether centralized or distributed, on-premise or hosted. Full script source code for the integration with Git and SVN is provided, so users can modify it to match local needs and practices. Included in the new release is support for the latest version of modeling languages like UML and BPMN: reuse what you need as part of your own modeling language.

MetaCase MetaEdit+