GenMyModel Online UML Released as Free Beta

GenMyModel is an innovative online UML tool for software architects and developers. It allows to create UML-compliant diagrams, export and generate code from your web browser. Within GenMyModel you design real models, not only shapes and lines: your diagrams conform UML and naturally generate code. GenMyModel is developed by a passionate geeky team, upon Javascript and HTML5.

Current features:
* Class diagrams and use case diagrams, UML2 compliant
* Model export as UML and XMI files
* Code generation: Java beans, Spring Data Rest, Spring Roo

Coming soon:
* Real-time collaboration
* Other UML diagrams (activity, sequence)
* API for user’s generators

The team members are developers and software architects who think modeling is a part of software development that should be put back in everyone’s hands. GenMyModel is released as a free beta. The community is getting bigger every day and anyone can give feedback to sharpen the roadmap.

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