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Agile Model-Driven Development

This article explains how with the application of Agile and Lean principles on model-driven development, we will get an Agile approach for constructing the architecture of a new Market Server Capability (MSC)definition which will eliminate the duplication and inconsistency, while still maintaining a short implementation phase. The resulting architecture has a single modeling level, with …

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Agile UML Modeling

Agile development often considers UML modeling a redundant tool/practice that needs to be abandonned. However, modeling can be an essential tool in big agile projects to improve communication and preserve high-level knowledge such as domain concepts, user roles and use cases, system composition/integration architecture, etc. Modeling is still immature and novice modelers might create models …

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Software Architecture Blog

The Truth About Agile Modeling

In this blog post Terry Quatrani discusses her vision of UML modeling in an Agile software development context. You only want to create enough diagrams to help you communicate and think out your problem.

Software Architecture Article

Modeling in an Agile Context

This article shows how working with models will help you in an agile project. Models can help you explore existing code, discuss new design, clarify needs, define tests. They can also be used generate some of the code.

Software Architecture Article

Refactoring With UML

Refactoring is usually performed with the help of a text-based editor or a refactoring browser. This contrasts with UML based modeling tools, which are more visually oriented and work at a higher level of granularity. This article explores how such an UML modeling tool can be helpful both in identifying smells and performing refactoring.