Continuous Software Architecture in Practice

These two videos are based on an interview by Simon Brown of Eoin Woodsm Co-Author of the book “Continuous Architecture in Practice”. This book is a modern and practical guide to software architecture in the age of Agile and DevOps.

Traditional software architecture practices have served us well for many years, but weren’t developed with an understanding of the demands of the era of DevOps, agility, cloud, and microservices. However, today, effective architecture is more important than ever. The demands of modern software engineering mean that we need updated architecture practices that allow organizations to effectively manage complex, conflicting and cross-cutting concerns such as resilience, security, and technical coherence, and meet the fast-changing needs of complex groups of stakeholders. The book explains how to update the discipline’s classic practices for today’s environments, software development contexts, and applications.

In the first video, Simon Brown and Eoin Woods explore the right — and best — way to start that process, key things to consider and what some useful resources are. They answer the questions “Where should you start when setting the basis of your software architecture?” and “What is the minimum required to package and how can viewpoints help?”

In the second video, Eoin Woods and Simon Brown explains that if you are aiming to achieve the really challenging Internet-style quality attributes about speed and performance and scale you will need a really good architecture. This implies keeping things in sync and having a pragmatic approach. Rather than going after the hyperscalers you can build your own way. You will learn how UML and evolutionary architecture can help you achieve that.

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