Software Architecture in the Age of IoT

How should we consider the Internet of Things (IoT) from a software architecture point of view? IOT has become omnipresent in our life: billions of sensors and devices acquire trillions of gigabyte of data and provide them for intelligent analysis. To let farmers know when they should harvest. To enable cars to drive to the garage if something is malfunctioning. And to allow factories to self-organize the production of one-of-a-kind products. Such a vision has an immense implication on architecture: scalability, availability, data transfer, data security, and so on and so forth. Are this all new challenges? For more than a decade, architects have made up their mind about the paradigms, styles and patterns underlying so-called “Ultra Large-Scale Systems”. So — is the IoT architecture-wise just old wine in new bottles? Or are there truly novel challenges to address?

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