Datanamic DeZign for Databases Modeling Version 8 Released

Datanamic has announced the release of DeZign for Databases version 8, its data modeling tool. This new version offers many new features including teamwork support, dynamic highlighting of related objects, extended auto layout routines and much more.

The new teamwork feature enables to share and edit the same data model via a multi-user repository database, the Datanamic Repository. Version 8 offers sophisticated features that increase productivity when working on large data models with a team of designers.

This new release offers many new features such as:
* Team-based modeling collaboration capabilities.
* Dynamic highlighting of related diagram objects.
* New auto-layout routines and options and auto-layout preview dialog.
* Inline highlighting of differences when comparing schemas/models.
* Enhanced object browser.
* New object selection methods such as select transitive, select parents,…